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Computing Information



Computing Information

Information Technology Services

The Ag Communications Information Technology Section is comprised of the Extension IT Support Group, College Systems Support Group, Academic Facilities IT Support, and Desktop Support Services for the School of Human Environmental Sciences, Ag Communications, and other College of Ag personnel. The College Helpdesk is also part of the IT Section, offering assistance with IT related problems/questions via the phone, email, and by remote assistance.


The Extension IT unit is responsible for managing and supporting the use of information technology (IT) resources within the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Information Technology resources include workstations, servers, network connectivity (both off-campus Extension offices, along with numerous college facilities), videoconferencing technology, handheld devices, and various other equipment and services. Twenty-two departments/units, The School of Human Environmental Sciences and Extension staff at over 120 remote sites rely on servers managed by the computing section. This includes file/print/web services, as well as remote access and specialized systems (40+ servers). The file and print servers maintained by the section service over 1,400 users in the College and contain over 20 terabytes of disk storage available to the College. Web servers maintained by the section average over 8 million hits per month.


To assist the faculty and staff of the College, the section also acts as a contact with the campus network support units. Assistance with network server or networking problems, as well as IT security issues can be obtained by contacting the Helpdesk at (859)257-3335 ext. 1.


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Computing and Resources Use Policy

(August 2011)

The University of Kentucky Policy Governing Access and Use of University Information Technology Resources explicitly states in Section V the guidelines for using technology, computer resources and the responsibility of each user (the entire policy can be found here:


The College of Agriculture Security Committee has also begun the process of implementing a specific Computer Security Policy Statement for all employees within the College. This policy is currently being implemented using a phased approach. The policy statement in its entirety can be found here and will be updated as phases are implemented and completed:


For guidelines regarding specifics, please refer to the policy itself. If there are additional questions, please contact your DEITC. The statement below taken directly from the policy summarizes the responsibility and importance of protecting this information:


Everyone accessing UKCOA systems or information assets is expected to exercise discretion and best judgment when determining how to protect information. All members of the University community share in the responsibility for protecting information resources for which they have access or custodianship.

Failure to comply with this policy can lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the University.


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Guidelines for Purchasing New Extension Computers

August 2011


All new computers to be installed and maintained by the district Extension Information Technology Contacts (DEITC) are recommended to be purchased through Dell Stores or Apple Stores and delivered to Agricultural Communications Services (252 Barnhart Building) or the purchasing county office. Should a county have a new computer delivered to their office, purchase and delivedry should be coordinated with the DIETC to ensure proper installation and setup.


The DEITC's have access to the UK Dell Permier portal, using the same discount pricing system main campus uses. It would be best for the DEITC's to generate the e-quote so they can provide an exact quote for Extension board approval.


County Extension Offices wishing to purchase Apple equipment may do so at UK's Apple site:


Please contact your district technician to ensure proper configurations, installation, and setup once the equipment arrives.


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The College of Agriculture prticipates in a range of computing networks. Many members of the University community including faculty, staff, and students use electronic mail (email) in their day-to-day activities. Email services are provided on University-owned computing and networking systems to further the University's mission of research, instruction, and public service. Use of email should be consistent with this mission and this policy.


The county's email address has special significance. Often a single copy of a message is sent only to the county's address insead of sending copies to each of the individuals in the county. It should be the assigned duty of one individual to check the county's mail periodically (at least daily), and to share any incoming messages with the appropriate individuals in the office. This may be done either by posting a printed copy of the message for all to see, or by forwarding an electronic copy to the appropriate individual(s).


Email accounts are created once the employee is entered into the payroll system. Once the employee information is established into the payroll system, it will automatically generate the email/link blue set up request. Once the email account is created, you will receive your email/link blue set up instructions from your appropriate district administrative support associate.


The Ag Data Center has developed (and continues to expand) an information system called the College of Agriculture Total Personnel Applications Web Server (CATPAWS). CATPAWS provides for comprehensive identification of the individual and supplies a number of tools which assist in the performance of the individual's duties. The individual must register him/herself in CATPAWS (thereby providing correct information). This should be done as soon as an email address is obtained. The information thus obtained is used to maintain the People listing on teh College web page, the email address books, the Field Staff and departmental listings, the program-specific mailing lists (Ag, FCS, 4-H), and several aother applications. Access is provided for the appropriate people to the Extension reporting system, to the expenses reporting subsystem, and to many other applications.


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KERS Registration


All new UK and KSU Cooperative Extension employees need to register in KERS (Kentucky Extension Reporting System), the UK/KSU CES online Extension Reporting System.  A user ID must be used when registering for KERS.


For UK Employees:


KERS registration link for UK employees:


For KSU Employees:

If you are a KSU employee, please contact Steve Garner for registration instructions at 1-800-900-4447 X 77727


If you have any problems registering or any other questions regarding KERS, please contact the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Helpdesk at 1-800-900-4447 or by email to KERS-HELP@LSV.UKY.EDU.


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